What is fig to fork?  

fig to fork is a weekly subscription-based supplementary grocery delivery service. We curate a well-balanced box of fresh ingredients, add an exclusive local chef's recipe, and deliver it to your doorstep.

What happens when I sign up?

Local, fresh and in-season ingredients are selected from our farmers and producers each week. Brought together and packaged with a recipe curated by a local chef and delivered to your doorstep.  

All you have to do is Open, Eat, Enjoy, Repeat.

How many groceries are in each box?

There will be enough ingredients to make at least two meals for two adults. Additionally, there will be a few healthy snacks and kitchen staples for you to enjoy.

What's in the Family Size box?

The Family Size box is designed for our members that have families or friends who want in on the fun. We had many requests for larger boxes with more to enjoy. You will find enough for four servings in each box making two meals along with our additional snacks each week.

Where do the recipes come from?

Each month we partner with local chefs in the Twin Cities to provide you with new and healthy recipes. From the latest culinary hot spots to long-standing hometown favorites, we have many exciting collaborations to come.

Are the ingredients for the recipes in the box?

Yes. Each recipe will include items found in your weekly box. The only additions required will be a few kitchen staples found in your pantry. The meals will be healthy, flavorful, and most importantly, simple enough for anyone to prepare. Also, with the versatility of the groceries, you can always add or improvise as you wish.

When can I subscribe?

Right now. Follow the below link to our safe and secure subscription page on