We exist in search of the leafiest greens, ripest fruits, freshest grains, and humanely-raised proteins. Gathering the healthiest local, sustainable and organic ingredients, while supporting local farms, chefs and our surrounding communities. We believe fruit ripens on a tree, vegetables sprout from the ground, mouth-watering recipes are meant to be shared, and our commitment is to bring it all together and share it with you.



Our standards are pretty simple, we value the quality and taste of a product above anything else. We have worked to build meaningful relationships with local farmers, producers and chefs in order to learn, collaborate, and inspire one another to provide you with the freshest products and groceries available. We find beauty in the simplicity of farm-to-table, planet before profit is our passion, and we look forward to sharing our footprint with you.



By sourcing local, organic, and sustainable ingredients from farmers and partners we trust, we work to provide you with nutrient-dense produce, proteins with purpose, and good fats vs. non-fats. We hand-select the freshest fruit, vegetables, protein, bread, cheese, eggs, and pantry basics, package them into a well-balanced box, and deliver it to your doorstep. We will always be transparent by providing you with detailed information from the producers for each item you receive. 



Each month we partner with local restaurants in the Twin Cities area, teaming up with their world-renowned chefs, and uniquely talented culinary teams, who create simple recipes for you to enjoy with family and friends at your dinner table. We adore working with them to provide delicious and healthy dishes to our community. Their knowledge and contributions are invaluable, we are proud to cultivate these authentic and pure relationships which allows us to share their hard work with you.