We believe in complete transparency. That means we provide you with detailed information on each of the farmers, bakers, and artisan producers we work with. We want you to know exactly where the food was planted, grown, and fostered before arriving on your doorstep. The offerings we select for you each week are the fruit of sustainable, organic and humane farming practices.

When sourcing the ingredients you receive each week, we challenge ourselves to find the most local, organic options available. In order to give you the freshest quality, while maintaining our integrity, ocassionaly we have to travel a bit further in order to bring you the best possible variety of sustainable products in the land.

We believe farm visits and experiences are the best way to connect, cultivate, and build relationships with our farmers and producers. We find partners with the same purpose, values and whom we trust while walking their fields and land where the fruit, vegetables and products are raised before it arrives in your home and on your table.